Rebecca Sherrick Harks – President

Rebecca Sherrick Harks is a Bachelors-prepared nurse and the President and founder of Band Back Together. She created Band Back Together with the hope that through the power of written word, appropriate resources and a safe, moderated environment, the world would be free to finally share stories of abuse, rape, trauma, mental illness, child loss and other taboo topics, thereby reducing the stigmas associated with these formerly off-limits subjects. Band Back Together strives to remind us that we are, in fact, none of us alone. She can be reached at


Fallah Steele- Vice President, Volunteer Coordinator

Fallah is a former lab scientist turned technical support manager. Her years of experience with customer service, social media engagement, and staff managment make her a natural fit for her work with Band Back Together. Fallah supports Band Back Together's mission to bust stigmas and provide a safe environment in which to grow and heal. She can be reached at

She assists with community relations tasks, maintains the Twitter and Tumblr social media accounts, writes and edits documentation, and collaborates on strategic and long range goal-planning. Fallah is currently the Volunteer Coordinator and is responsible for recruitment and retention. She also serves as backend technical support by managing and maintaining user accounts and overseeing website maintenance.