I'm having a hard time finding the happy today. A lot of things combined make it hard for me.

My college had a triple murder with others left injured over the weekend.

Today starts the yearly subconscious marking of each moment of being in the hospital with our son before he died on the 14th. 

But I'm going to dig down deep and find something today. Maybe it's that it stops raining long enough for me to do my official first day of Couch to 5k. Maybe it's that we go grab ice cream this afternoon. Maybe it's that I can tell my son that we get to see a friend of his that moved out of state in two weeks. 

I don't know WHAT it will be that makes me smile today, but there will be something. 


What's your Happy?

Don't think you have one? Look harder. Something will make you smile today. 

We want to know! 

Share it with the world on your blog and then link up below, tweet it out (hashtag #DOHMonday #WithTheBand) or share it on Facebook. Whatever you want to do, do it. Just find a bit of happy in this Monday!