Today, I declare the end of my marriage to you. I acknowledge that you broke every marriage vow you made. I acknowledge and lay at your feet:

  • Every lie you ever told me.
  • Every vow you ever broke.
  • Every promise you didn't keep.
  • Every hope you crushed.
  • Every plan you never meant to carry out.
  • Every word you ever said to and about me.
  • Every single betrayal - in thoughts, words, and actions.

I open my heart to show you and all those around me the devastation you wrought there.

I acknowledge and share with the world the trauma my mind and body suffered as a result of your abusive manipulation and lack of care for me.

I acknowledge your responsibility for your actions, your words, and your intentions. I hold myself responsible for mine.

I acknowledge all my feelings and experiences as real.

I acknowledge that they were based on your lies and misrepresentations, as well as my desperate need to believe in you and to see good in you.

I acknowledge that every word you ever spoke was aimed at manipulating others and getting you what you wanted.

I acknowledge that while your fathering actions appeared sound and "good," they did not take into account the emotional well-being of our children. Your only concern has always been and will always be only for you--for how you see yourself and how you are perceived by others.

I acknowledge that you enlisted them to further your lies and betrayals. I vow to keep them away from you as long as I am able.

I sever the bond that grew between us, a bond that I mistook for love and trust, a bond based on lies, co-dependence and shame.

I dismiss you from my life, from my heart, from my thoughts, from my future. I cannot dismiss you from my past, but I will allow the past to teach me.

With these words I unmarry you, so that I may walk free towards peace and happiness.