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Wondering how to use this magical site? Here’s your answer.

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Legal guidelines are located here.

Need some FAQ-OMG-BBQ!?

We want you to write for us. Writing for The Band is something we encourage because we know everyone has a story. Even you. YES you.

So click the “register” button or try this link to get yourself set up. Pick a username and use a real email address. We’ve got to send you a password. We’re not going to spam you. Don’t worry.

You can tell us a bit about yourself and add your blog URL, Twitter handle, and so on in your profile when you register.

Now it’s time to write a post. Here’s the tutorial.

What should you write about? I can hear you asking through my computer because I am magic like that.

Anything you want. Doesn’t have to be about mental illness, baby loss, rape, autism, special needs, violence, abuse, or trauma.

We have some guidelines for submissions, but what it boils down to is this:

  • Don’t be a jerk.
  • Don’t be all slanderous.
  • Don’t write to self-promote. It’s not what BB2G is about.
  • Support each other.

The categories your posts will fall into will pull up an awesome resource page. We spend a lot of time making those, so be sure and check it out. Here’s the Master Resource List. I advise you to read it; love it. Knowledge IS, after all, POWER.

(Hotlines Master List is here.)

If you need to take a break and go run around chanting “EYE OF THE TIGER” then, hit SAVE. You can come back to it.

After you are done with your post, click the “SUBMIT FOR REVIEW” button.

If you only click the SAVE button, it will not send your masterpiece to our brilliant team of editors and we will NOT know you’re done. So hit SUBMIT FOR REVIEW when you’re done.

What next? Go ahead and browse posts by category. You can scroll across the top and select the categories from the drop-down menu.

When a category is selected, the resource pages will show up on the sidebar.

So, how long does it take from the moment you hit SUBMIT FOR REVIEW and the time your post gets published? Generally about two to six weeks weeks, give or take.

More questions? Email works.

Happy readin’ and happy writin’!