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Guidelines for Submissions

I hate to be all rules-oriented because I hate rules like I hate mayonnaise (read: a lot).

It’s overwhelming to consider posting here on The Band Back Together Project – I know this. I feel it too. So let’s not call these, “rules,” instead, consider them “guidelines for submissions.”

Before we get started, a word:

  • Be aware that submissions may take between 1-4 weeks to be published. If your post is time-sensitive (suicide attempt, imminent death of a friend or family member, etc) PLEASE notify us by email once your post is submitted for review.
  • This site, The Band Back Together Project, will not and does not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any mental or physical illnesses, social problems, familial disputes, or any other real or perceived problems.
  • This site, The Band Back Together Project, is not designed to replace the care of a doctor, psychologist, or other healthcare professional, nor is it intended to replace the advice of legal counsel.
  • The Band Back Together Project, the moderators, editors and staff of the site and organization are not legally responsible for any decisions you make directly or indirectly as a result of what is read or interpreted on this website.
  • The Band Back Together Project is a group weblog staffed strictly by volunteers under The Band Back Together Project.

All content and images on The Band Back Together Project’s website are copyrighted 2010-2019 and property of The Band Back Together Project; original work is credited back to the original author/submitter. Said copyrighted property of The Band Back Together Project or the original content owner cannot be reused, reprinted, or otherwise copied without express permission of the original owner. You also further agree not to steal content and post it on this website as your own original work.

For more information, see our legal disclaimers.

Now, Onto Our Posting Guidelines:
Write Hard, The Band! If you need a hand figuring out how to submit a post, here’s a tutorial.

Editing: ALL submissions to The Band Back Together Project, including posts and comments, are moderated. Every post is edited for grammar, clarity, length, flow and content.

Comments: Comments are also subject to moderation and editing.

Length: While we’ve found a thousand words to be the best length, your story can be told in more or less words.

Topics? No topic is off-limits. We want to hear about the good and the bad and the ugly. Don’t worry about being “good enough” or compare your story to others. Your story is your story and that’s enough. We want it. Topics here range from baby loss, to infertility, to mental illness, bullying, violence, luck, happiness, and joy. There’s no end to what you can write about.

Swearing: You can swear as much – or as little – as you like.

Write Early and Write Often: There’s no limit to how much you can write or how often you can write. If you have a story (and you do) we want it.

Resources: We have nearly 600 resource pages created. The master Resource Page List is here.

Hotlines: We have an extensive list of hotlines.

Stealing Sucks: By submitting your stories to this website, The Band Back Together Project, you are stating that all work you submit for publishing is your own. You may not steal content that is not owned by you and post it here as your own.

Reusing Old Content: However, you may reuse previously published stories providing you own the rights to them. When resubmitting something you’ve previously written, please update the story so we may better understand the back story and/or circumstances of your post.

External Links: Submissions to The Band Back Together Project may be credited back to the author with appropriate links back to their own blogs, if they choose. Your blog URL (link) may be added to your user profile, not within the post.

Will My Post Be Rejected? Likely, no. We make every attempt to use each submission we receive. In the event that a submission is cruel, inflammatory, defamatory, touting a new miracle cure, or otherwise deemed inappropriate by the volunteer editors, we may advise the author to rewrite the story to better match our site mission.

Anonymous? All submissions may be created anonymously – simply click the “is anonymous” button while submitting.

Adding Pictures: We heart pictures. So if you’d like to include them in your story, please attach them in an email to with the tagline PICTURES. Please let us know what post they’re for.

Don’t Be A Dick: Judgmental crap must be left outside. We are all survivors here, and we are all brave. There’s no reason to be an ass to someone else.

Support Group: Please support each other. A comment, a tweet, a FB like, these all make the world of difference to someone brave enough to share their stories. Even if you don’t do anything but read – please try and leave our brave writers a note – it can mean everything.

Promotion: The posts that get the most traffic and comments are the stories that people promote themselves. While it’s not necessary to promote your stories, it helps tremendously.

Social Media: Follow us on Twitter! @bandback2gether, Tumbler, Pinterest, and Facebook! Each of our social media accounts is staffed by an awesome team of volunteers and has its own community. You should join.

Email: If you have any questions, comments, love, or fanmail, go ahead and email us at