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With The Band

We all know you’re here with us. You’ve grabbed one of those overstuffed old leather chairs so worn out it practically shapes to your body as you rest your weary bones, and you’re sitting here among all of us. Maybe you’re here to learn, maybe you’re here to listen, maybe you’ve got a story for us, or maybe you simply want to be. You’ve gotten out of that cold, rainy night, your boots are drying out by the old crackling fire as you begin to relax, first your toes, then your legs, and all the way up to your head. Your head is bathed in a gentle, sweet warmth you’ve not felt before and before you know it, you know you belong here.

Because you do. Now? You’re With The Band.

Crack open a category, listen to other tales, tell your own, and relax. We’re so glad you’ve joined us at the Band Back Together Project.