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The Band Presents

The Band Back Together Project likes to refer to itself in the third person, as does its Founder, Becky Sherrick Harks.

What you’ll find under this category are such things as the riveting “Ask The Band” questions when you yourself get to be bossy and help people to get their questions answered in a loving, caring, manner.

ask band

You’ll also find our (usually) weekly Dose of Happy under this category. In it, we try to breathe some joy in between some of the harder stuff we write and read here on The Band.

dose of happy

In addition to our Doses of Happy, we like to fling glitter. Why? Because we can. And it makes your day. And ours. So it’s a win win. You’ll see stuff like this on our Flings Glitter Pages:

flings glitter

You’ll also occasionally see stuff by me, Your Aunt Becky, under WTF Aunt Becky? These are supposed to be more light-hearted posts. Please forgive the emo picture – it’s literally all I have on this site right now. And, hit me up and remind me to change it.