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FAQ OMG BBQ For Band Back Together

What’s The Band Back Together Project’s Mission Statement?

We’re The Band. We’re a group blog. We write about the stuff no one else talks about. We break down stigmas, support each other in a moderated, safe environment while providing educational resource pages. We kick ass and take names. The Band pulls our skeletons from our closets and makes them dance the tango.

What Is The Band Back Together Project?

The Band Back Together Project is a group blog and nonprofit organization founded in September of 2010.

We’re made up of The Band; a motley crew of survivors and volunteers who share our stories of rape, abuse, mental illness, and other traumas in a safe, moderated and supportive environment.

We provide educational resource materials to accompany many of the stories in the hopes that we can reach those who need it most.

What Do You Do At Band Band Back Together?

The Band breaks down stigmas, puts faces to things previously hidden in dark corners, and we tell stories; our stories. We shine a light in the darkness, educate, and give shelter to those who need it.

A team of volunteer editors and moderators work tirelessly to edit and moderate each post and comment to provide a safe environment for those brave enough to share their survival stories.

How Do I Contribute?

Here is a lengthy and verbose explanation for how to contribute your stories to Band Back Together.

What Do You Mean, ‘Safe and Moderated Environment?

The Band has a group of volunteers that work to edit, moderate, and control how and what gets published on the site – including comments and posts. This is to ensure that each contributor feels comfortable divulging things that may have otherwise been left unsaid.

What Does Band Back Together Moderate For?

Depends, really.

The site has no hard and fast rules when it comes to moderation. Here’s a long-winded explanation of the Guidelines for Submissions for Band Back Together. As the site owner, I try to accept most submissions we receive.

Are All Of These Stories True?

There are many sides to any given situation. Three different people experiencing the same situation will have three different accounts of the experience. What may be fact to one person may seem like fiction to another – but everyone in The Band is allowed their point of view.

We here at The Band Back Together do not fact check stories for accuracy. We cannot possibly ascertain the “truth” in a given situation nor do we care to. It’s not our job.

The truth is subjective.

End (or beginning, as the case may be) of story.

Help! Someone I Know Found Me Here!

Each post on Band Back Together can be written and submitted anonymously. If you need help changing over your post to anonymous, send an email to with the name of the post, your username, and what you want us to do – make it anonymous or delete it.

However, we do not remove posts unless asked by the author.

Please see our Legal Disclaimers for more detailed information.

What Happens After I Hit “Submit?”

We have a scheduling queue and while we do try earlier posts first, we also make sure that there’s a proper balance achieved on the site.

Why Was My Post Edited?

We edit for length, grammar, flow, and readability. While we’ve found a thousand words to be the best length, your story can be told in more or less words. We don’t remove the emotion or your unique voice.

How Long Will It Take For My Post To Publish on Band Back Together?

That’s hard to answer. Right now, posts are taking 1-4 weeks to publish (this does vary with time of year, so it may be more or less time than this). If your post is very time sensitive (suicide attempt, imminent death of a friend or family member, etc) PLEASE notify us by email once your post is submitted for review.

Email with that information.

How Do I Know When My Post Has Been Scheduled?

After your brilliantly witty work has been sufficiently edited, it is put into a scheduling queue, where I will set it to publish. Once your post is scheduled, it should show up on your dashboard with the post name and date next to it.

A Word About Submitting To Band Back Together:

MAKE SURE, Pranksters, that when you are done writing your brilliant masterwork, that you hit, “submit for review” rather than leaving it in draft mode. In draft mode, we assume you’re still working on it, and we won’t touch it.

Who Do I Contact If I Have Questions About My Post?

Email is best. Comments are not the place to discuss posts.

Please email

Is Content On This Site Copyrighted?

All content and images on The Band Back Together Project’s website are copyrighted 2010-2018 and property of The Band Back Together Project; original work is credited back to the original author/submitter.

Said copyrighted property of The Band Back Together Project or the original content owner cannot be reused, reprinted, or otherwise copied without express permission of the original owner. You also further agree not to steal content and post it on this website as your own original work.

How Can I Keep Up With Band Back Together And All The Posts?

There are many ways to follow Band Back Together!

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How Can I Support The Band Back Together Project?

Interested in volunteering to work with The Band? We’d love to have you!

Email us at

Comment – Commenting is a huge part of supporting our writers. Saying something even, “thinking of you” can mean the world to our writers. Please, PLEASE comment.

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