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Look At My Daughter

Take a long hard look at my beautiful girl.

She will be 9 years old in a few weeks. At her next doctor’s appointment she will be given the HPV vaccine, even though she will never be able to consent to sexual activity.

Look at her as you think about that.

Abby’s 7 times more likely than her non-disabled peers to be a victim of sexual assault. She would never be able to tell us what happened. She would never be able to tell us who did it.

And now, laws are being passed in many states—and it won’t be long until Utah tries it here—that would force her to carry the product of her rape to term. How would I ever explain to her what was happening to her body? How would I ever make her giving birth okay?

The truth is I absolutely would never do that to her. Never.

Look at her and tell me you would subject her to that. Tell me in what world would it be okay to do that to her?

If you think so, you’re wrong and I don’t want you in my life or hers. Period.

–Lexi Magnusson