Hello Beautiful,

I know you don’t see yourself as beautiful right now, but you are. One day, you will recognize it and will find your own strength and power in believing that about yourself.

But that’s not what I want to tell you right now.

I know you have your dreams resting on the blond with the dazzling smile. That’s a dead-end dream. One day, he’s going to be in his 40’s, still hanging out with his college frat buddies, getting drunk and playing stupid games. He’s going to move away soon. Let him go. He’s nothing to your future.

But you know the sort of awkwardly cute guy who entertains you in science class when the teacher has his back turned? He’s falling for you. Hard. It will take a few years, but he’ll be head over heels for you when you’re 16.

He’s going to get contacts. Without the glasses in the way, you will forever fall in love with his gorgeous brown eyes, even if it takes you almost a decade to fall in love with the rest of him.

He’s going to stick by you, and protect you, and support you forever, even after you break his heart in high school.

Here’s the thing I want you to remember:






Even when other relationships try to tear you apart, never let him out of your heart. One day, you will wake up to find that you love him more than you ever thought you could love someone. You will see that he is your perfect match in every way. You are so very alike in ways that you never would have guessed, and you will compliment each other in the ways you differ.

He needs you, very much. You have gifts you can use to greatly bless his life. And you need him, desparately. He will heal wounds inside of you and love you like no other. He will cherish you and appreciate you, and you will wonder why you didn’t see it all along.

One day, you will see all the times you both just barely missed the chance to be together. But have no fear. One day it will happen. You will finally have your opportunity to make magic together. It will take a long time, but it will happen. And once he is really yours, you will finally understand what it was you were always looking for.

Chin up, dear, good things are coming.


All my love,

The older, wiser You