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Every Friday, Band Back Together runs an advice column, in which our (wise) readers help you answer the questions you need answered.

You can even do this anonymously. 

Now let’s get our advice on:

I know this may seem weird or stupid, but I think my parents are bullying me.

Let me explain why I believe they are bulling me.

The whole situation began about two years ago.

(Background: I am a 23 year old who loves technology.)

To attempt to cut a long story short, our house used to be filthy; and I mean filthy. How filthy? Well, there was actual black mold growing on walls. And with that mold, came mold mites, tiny white mites feeding on my technology.

So I went in to a panic and cleaned, sanitised, and vacuumed my stuff and desk. I wrapped anything that I wasn’t using into sealed bags: I did NOT want these buggers on feeding on my things.

Since that incident I think that I’ve developed OCD, although I’ve not been medically diagnosed, but now I clean my stuff everyday, in perpetual fear of mites.

I explained this to my family and they know why I’ve developed OCD. They have witnessed the mites. And I’ve asked that they do not let anyone near my room or stuff.

But for the past two years, they keep saying I am unwell, or I need to see a doctor. Like this is my fault.

My parents also put filthy items on my desk despite that I’ve asked them not to. They’ll also move my stuff around or put it on the dirty carpet

My OCD has gotten worse due to my parents interfering and I think they’re doing it just to get a reaction from me. Once I blow up, they blame me and call me “crazy.”

I just don’t know what to do anymore: I feel depressed and alone. I’ve really starting to think they are right. Maybe I am crazy.

I should also note: my fiancee says it’s my family that’s causing me to clean more due to their interference.