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Here’s the thing; mental illness isn’t a joke

Most of you giggle a bit when you remember my delightful – and very public – breakdown several years ago. On the outside, I’m sure it WAS funny and insane and who doesn’t get a tickle from watching a train wreck of a person lose their mind? PUBLICLY?!? Even better. In fact?


Now I’ve noticed that several of my fellow OG bloggers are in the process of similar meltdowns and of course, blood is in the water and who doesn’t like to speculate about all of their life choices and make up stories to share with other people?

Gossiping is hilarious business.

Now before you get all, “whelp you put it out there, it’s clearly for public consumption”, remember that you don’t know a thing about what their lives are like beyond the screen. Or their lives AT ALL.

So before you go on about Kanye or anyone else who’s having a public meltdown, remember that it’s not really all that funny to the person having it or their loved ones. I know I wasn’t laughing.

I mean, throw your own life into the spotlight (perks or none) for the world to see. See how people pick apart yur choices. Presume to know a lot more than you do. Giggle. Laugh. Enjoy the speculations and the lies.

It feels fantastic to be critiqued! To be disowned by friends you’ve known forever! Too funny!

Soo funny!

But until you’re going to do that, allow the whole world to watch your mistakes, remember that mental health diseases are actual diseases and that you don’t get the chance to figure out when you’ll break down. If medication works for you. If you have a right to refuse it. Those aren’t up for speculation.

And honestly? Leave Kanye the fuck alone.

NONE of this is funny.

Mental illness isn’t a joke.