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Something That Sucks, And Only I Feel It

I’m the only one who deals with this. I feel like it’s holding me back.

I was born with a disability.

My right ear, first of all, looks hideous, and second, it doesn’t even work. I’ve never been able to sense exactly where a noise is coming from. It’s like living with all the noises coming through earbuds on both ears, only on half volume. It sucks to think about.

No one else I know at my school has a disability.

But there’s more.

I love being in the school drama club. I love acting in musicals and plays. I love being in our academy concerts. I really do. But I don’t enjoy songs the way other people do. I was born to remember and judge songs by the tune, not the words. I hardly remember the words of a good, catchy song. Because of this, it takes sweet time for me to remember the words to a song. Especially songs I don’t have feelings for.

Often the amount of time I have to practice my songs for my concert, or for my musical, is much more than the normal amount. By the time I’m on stage, I haven’t remembered the words. I’ve never had a real solo. I’m being held back from one of my dreams.

And Only I Feel It.

I now love to write stories, and it’s another dream to become an author. But I will never forget that other dream. It calls my name, but I can’t reach it.

And Only I Feel It.

People take advantage. I talk really loud, and it sounds normal to me. Raising my voice any higher is screaming.

Guess what?

And Only I Feel It.

I want to be normal. Why can’t I be normal?