I got the call last night.  It’s Stage 4 cancer this time.  It’s “everywhere.”  I don’t know what to do.  I’m half a continent away from them.

On one hand, it’s not right to mourn.  He’s not out yet, and they’re beginning chemo again next week.  But really, it doesn’t look good.  The chemo is just to “slow it down.”  And I’m a realist.  And so I mourn, if only inside.

This is the uncle that is quietly awesome.  He’s in the background, making sure everyone is okay.  He’s brilliant, and made sure his 3 kids all went wherever they wanted for college (we’re talking Ivy League Schools), despite living on a teacher’s salary.  He’s the rock.  When I drove through town on a whim, getting in late, he made sure a bed was made, dinner was left out, and then took me out for a hockey game the next day.

And he’s too young to go.

I guess I don’t really have a question.  I just need to type this out, and make it somewhat public.  Thanks.