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Fourteen years ago I was repeatedly molested by an older man. I was 14, he was 24.

My best friend encouraged me to keep “going out” with this guy. As she saw it, we were “boyfriend and girlfriend.” He really was a creepy low life, but peer pressure is a bitch. She dropped out of High School and came to pick me up after school with her boyfriend and this guy a few times a week.

It lasted about a year. During that time, I did poorly in life and school. I carried a lot of hate for my family. I built a wall of psychological harm around myself that I still carry with me today.  Life would be normal if this shit never happened, but it did.

Karma got them: He froze to death in an alley while drunk and passed out. My “friend” never earned her High School Degree, got pregnant, and is raising her child in her parents’ basement. I don’t know what happened to her boyfriend, but hopefully he got his karma as well.

Thank you for reading.  Hopefully putting this story into words will help me release the anger I carry with me from enduring this experience.

I have never received any support or advice about this. If you would like to share, I would really appreciate it!