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This is a contribution to the I Am Me Project. I’m a ten year old girl with a soft heart and a million possibilities. Born into a wealthy family, we don’t have trouble with money, but my parents aren’t going to let that turn me into a snotty, spoiled child.

One of my ears doesn’t work, or at least the horrible muffled up sounds that do make it through, aren’t noticeable. I have a short temper and an easy-to-break heart. Sensitive physically and emotionally, I am treated like a rag doll.

I try my best to help others, not knowing if they are thankful or not. I’m soft and always happy to socialize and talk. I care about others and absorb their feelings.

I’m proud of my character that cares about others maybe more than myself. I expect others to do the same as I do for them, making most of my bad situations worse when no one cares.

I love to write and act. I love to sing in musicals, and say my lines, and write my words. I’m proud of my creative capabilities to make amazing stories and facial expressions.

I have a therapist who helped me with my temper, but I’m proud I got help. I’m proud I don’t scream any more, unless it is necessary. I’m known for swinging between optimism and pessimism. But it’s good that I can see two sides of one world. I can have both high and low self esteem.

That’s Me, and Me is who I am.

And Me is always proud of who I am, and I’m proud of Me.

But I’m not the best version of me. I want to take the oath I’m afraid to take, the path that would make me better. No one’s perfect, and everyone should except that. No one should be left out, everyone should feel important.

I believe the purpose of life is to Survive, Love, Hate, Feel, Die. To survive, and be a survivor of your own war. To love, have friends and family there for you. To hate, to know the difference between someone you should be with and someone you shouldn’t be with. To feel, to feel happiness, fear, heartbreak, anger. To feel the emotions of life. And to die, end it, and give space for someone to go on their own path of life.