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I live with my significant other. Not married, but together for almost two years. A success story, fyi. Last weekend, I decided to go car shopping. If you read my blog, you will see that my hobbies include shopping for cars at CarMax. I went, I saw, I liked, I bought. Sold the old car and came away clean. Bought the new car. Old car was part of the family for oh, about 16 months. Suze Orman would kick my ass.

Anyways, back to the title of my post. Today as my SO and I were driving I asked him, “If we were married, would you have had an issue with me buying that car?” He paused for several minutes and said hmmmm. So I said hmmmm. I think I like the his, mine and ours concept. We have a joint account that we call the “corporate account”. If I want my GD Botox every few months, I will use my money that I make from my job and get some needling. During my marriage to Evil Eye Ex, the Un Super-Hero, money was ALWAYS an issue and that really bothered me.

Marriage? Maybe some day, but I like things just the way they are right now. Mine, his and ours. Honey, put those hanging plants on the “corporate account”.