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I began developing man boobs in seventh grade.

At first, I didn’t take much notice because I thought they would probably vanish as I entered puberty.

I got bullied all the time at school. Kids would touch my boobs and they would make fun of me. At first I became quite stressed. I didn’t know how to react because I was embarrassed due to my sexuality.

I couldn’t tell my parents because that would further create problems since I am from an eastern background.

I started exercising and going to the gym, and in my ninth grade year, I lost 10 kilograms. Despite all the effort, my boobs became more prominent.

Now I am in college, and I still get bullied by people all the time. They touch my boobs when they want to irritate me. To them, it might seem as all in fun, but it is quite painful for me.

Any suggestions on how to deal with this will be highly appreciated.