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“If you scream or fight I will kill you.”

“If you tell anyone what happened, I will know, and I will come find you and kill you. I will kill your whole family. And I will make sure you suffer. Don’t you dare tell anyone.”

Those words have haunted me for a little over 5 years now. Over and over in my head those words have played like a broken record. Don’t scream, don’t fight, don’t tell anyone. Or I will kill you.

And that is all I can get myself to write down. That is as far as it will go.

I am still silent after all of these years. Some of my really close friends and my mother knows what happened but I can’t break the silence of details. I can’t tell anyone what really happened that night. Even after all these years.

I am in another state. Far far away where he can’t ever find me. But he still has control over me. He still knows that those few words can do all of this to me.

And I am still silent.