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We at The Band Back Together Project know how stressful life – especially during these dark months – can be. So we’re going to brighten up your week with one of our Friends of The Band Facebook Group Thing because who doesn’t love an adorable animal picture? 

If you’d like to submit an awesome picture of your animal, you may do so by creating an account and adding media to a post about your animal, or by emailing or!

My parents were moving across country (California) and asked me to take their cat in and I was all YAS because he is the sweetest and cutest cat – if you’re His Person. They’d named him after some Romantic artist I can’t remember, but I decided that he was Leo. Specifically, Little Leo. He was TINY.

He was one of those one person cats and thankfully, as I lord over Nathan frequently and with gusto, he loves me best.

Now that he’s not given free run of the house or the outdoors, he’s well, he’s chunked out.

He’s now called Big Fat Leo and we love each and every one of his rolls.