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Living with depression is no small feat. Getting out of bed is hard – so hard- some days.

This is her story:

I am one of those people that has to make a decision everyday; I make the decision to keep trying. Keep trying to live. To improve. To get out of bed.

You may think I’m over-dramatizing, but as a person with chronic depression, a person without medical insurance, a person with a daughter who has special needs, a person without a job or an income, sometimes getting out of bed is a victory.

Sometimes I’m able to accomplish one or two things while I’m up, those are the good days.

Other days, once I’m out of bed, it’s a battle not to get immediately right back in. Sometimes, I start thinking about suicide. On those days, I have to remind myself of my decision to live.  Sometimes, I have to tell myself to wait for tomorrow to decide anything. And when I do that, I know that I have to decide to live again tomorrow.

Some days are a little lighter. I can breathe and accomplish something and I might even be able to laugh. Those days give me a sense of hope.  And sometimes that little dash of hope is all I need to sustain me through the darker times that lie ahead.

But, I know,  as long as I keep making the decision to live – I will at least be here another day.

(ed note: keep on fighting the good fight. Much, much love to you, Prankster)