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t seems like my heart and soul are always wandering. In my life I have always had guy friends. And it was always OK, except when it went too far 2 years ago.

I had become friends with a guy on Facebook, let’s call him Henry. We had some friends in common but I’d never met him in person. Henry was a blogger, and a very good one at that. I would read his blog and comment on his FB status daily. We flirted back and forth. His FB relationship status was “single” while mine was “married.” I quickly liked him.

We began chatting on FB. We would chat for hours at night. After the third night of this, my hubby noticed and got really pissed. He finally confronted me. I ‘fessed up that I had developed feelings for Henry. We began marriage counseling.

I recognized why I had strayed and was determined that it would never happen again. But in the time since this happened, I realized that I need that male presence in my life. I like to flirt.

So now I am friends with guys that are “safe.” These are guys that my husband knows or is friends with. These are guys that I don’t see alone. I don’t know what would happen if I did. Could I control myself?

I had once thought of myself as a butterfly, flitting from person to person, never finding a home. But I know where my home is, and I always come back to it.

I just hope I don’t get carried away by the wind again.