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Dose of Happy: Radiating Happiness

Dose of Happy: Radiating Happiness

It’s Monday. Instead of reminding ourselves that we still have FIVE WHOLE DAYS until the weekend, let’s focus on ONE GOOD THING that’s helping us make it through the week.

Ready? I’ll go first!

A little bit of background… I teach High School English through an online private school. Students attend all classes as live sessions through video conferencing software, so while I see and hear my students every day, I don’t actually SEE them. Last week was different.

At the end of every year, students can sign up for a one week camp called Elevation, where they come together for fun, leadership instruction, social interaction, and camping. Last week was one of those weeks. I decided to take the opportunity to make the four-hour trek to the canyon where the camp is held to actually lay eyes on some of the amazing kids I teach.

Still with me? Here’s where the really awesome part begins….

One of my students approached me and gave me a huge hug. He was so genuinely excited to meet me and the feeling was completely mutual. We talked for about 10 minutes and during that conversation, he said something that I am trying to carry with me in all future interactions with people. He told me that I “radiate happiness.”




This week has been tough for a number of reasons, but I have reminded myself over and over that, to at least one kid in the world, I radiate happiness. Do I know how? Nope. I try to always bring positivity and encouragement to my classroom and students and now I’m even more determined to do so because I RADIATE HAPPINESS. That thought is making all the difference in the world to me.

Now it’s your turn. What’s your one good thing this week?