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I painted my nails two weeks ago in honor of Susan Niebur and her almost-5-year battle with inflammatory breast cancer.

I’ve never had a period of time where I stopped picking my nails.

I don’t bite. I pick. I did realize a long time ago that biting them was pretty gross. But I pick. And pick. And pick.


I know it’s anxiety. And maybe even a little OCD.

But I painted my nails and wanted them to be perfect. For Susan, who would never see them.

I haven’t picked at my fingers in TWO WEEKS, y’all!

I changed the purple sparkle polish twice and now it has clear/silver glitter polish. They’re so pretty I can hardly stand it.

I want to pick. But I’m not.

My Dose of Happy this week is that I’m able to tap my fingernails on my computer and THEY MAKE NOISE!!


What’s your Happy?

Don’t think you have one? Look harder. Something will make you smile today.

We want to know! Just find a bit of happy in this Monday!