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Things that make me happy:

  • Clear blue skies and the green of the trees made so sharp in the sunlight.
  • Curling up in my room with a good book.
  • Listening to my dad and step-mum when they come to visit, and seeing how happy they are.
  • Seeing my sister for the first time in months and being so proud of the amazing woman she’s becoming.
  • The silk-like feel of my cat’s fur.
  • Putting my ear to the ribs of my other cat when he’s purring and hearing it thunder around like an engine.
  • The first page of a new sketchbook – utterly terrifying, but thrilling too!
  • Crawling into my bed when I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.
  • Seeing an old couple holding hands.
  • My mother telling me she’s proud of me and cherishing that she can say that to me now, when all we used to do was fight.
  • A refreshing, cold drink on a hot day. The type that has so much condensation on the outside that you worry you might drop it every time you pick it up, so each sip is even more rewarding.
  • Feeling the cobbles under my feet as I walk down the main shopping street in my town.
  • Clear water and white sand. And fish. There must be fish.
  • Going a day in control of my eating disorder, not it controlling me.

What’s your Happy?

Don’t think you have one? Look harder. Something will make you smile today.

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