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Playing Scrabble”

“What kind of word is that, DOUR? I challenge, you know what it means?

What is that? one of those Jewish words, right – cause you are Jewish, what you call that Judaism? You eat Matzoh Balls? cause when I was little I had a Jewish friend, and we had matzoh balls. How you make those? Maybe you know him – Tenenbaum was his name, you know Tenenbaum?  No, then how about another kid – his name was like Borish or Barish, right, that is a Jewish name. How come you do not wear a yamcha? Oh, you are not observant and what about those curly things down the side of their face – what are those guys called?

OK – so DOUR here in the dictionary it says it means formidable, stern or morose, how you pronounce that m-o-r-o-s-e.

Anyway, man, you ever go to the slam first Wednesday of every month at the public library? I did it once – I came in third place. Maybe I’ll see you there sometime.

So you not coming in again this week so I may not see you again cause I’m supposed to be discharged on Friday although today they told me maybe not till Tuesday. How come you’re not coming in – you gotta work to earn the GWOP?


You don’t know what the GWOP is? That’s the money man – you gotta make the GWOP you want to live.

Anyway I’m gonna be sending you a telegram, I told you I was gonna write a poem man but I don’t know yet. I thought about it but once I start it flows. I just need a title, maybe I’ll call it “This, That or the Third Thing” cause you like that – you all about this, that or the third thing, you know what I’m saying?

Nah man that’s not my expression – that’s from the street. The street man – you ain’t never been on the street, that aight man you a good guy and yeah I ain’t gonna use when I get out cause how bad you think I’d feel if after being in rehab, inpatient and all that, I go out and use again.

I mean how bad would I feel…”