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here I am, married, two beautiful kids, one in college, one a sr. in high school.  I’m suffering from Psoriatic Arthritis, , my kid is dangerously close to not graduating high school due to two credits!  My husband lost his job one week before thanksgiving, along with our health care.   I work full time because I don;t have a choice.  my health is horrible, all I do is work and sleep.  I am not a functioning member of my family.


I am the spine of it all.  I am the one who keeps every one upbeat, I’m the fixer.


I’m so depressed that I don’t know whether to shit or turn left.  what I do know is that first paragraph is a huge run on sentence and I can’t be bothered to fix it because I’m so tired.


I want to be me again.  I hate being this depressed.  I want to lose my shit and cry, but I can’t.  I have to be the spine.


I’m so depressed.