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I need some supportive thoughts guys.

I am scared, scratch that, terrified of the coming summer months. Summer means warm weather, and warm weather means my family heads north to the our camp. The camp where I was sexually assaulted for three years by the same person, our next door neighbor’s son. It happened when I was 11, and even though I am an adult now, it still gives me nightmares and horrible flashbacks this time of year.

What’s worse? I have to see him. My parents are still good friends with his, and act as though nothing ever happened. They tell me I should be over it by now, but I can’t. I just can’t get over something that in one moment changed my life forever. I can’t act as though he didn’t have a heavy hand in ruining my childhood years. I can’t look at him, be around him, or anything!

I wish my family was more understanding. I love them dearly. We have all been through a lot, but this is one thing we don’t agree on.

I want my family to see my son. I want to be able to have fun up at my camp without constantly looking over my shoulder to see if he is watching me again.

Has anyone else had to face their attacker again or a family who just doesn’t understand?