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You are going to make mistakes, a lot of them.

Like seriously, A LOT.

Mistakes are okay to make as long as you learn from them.

You will make the mistake of letting people tell you who you are, not learning the first time, and believing the hate.

All of that means nothing to you now, you are probably laughing and saying to yourself “I would never do that!”

When you end up in multiple mentally abusive relationships, get out of there at the first sign! Believe me, you try so, so hard and it doesn’t work.

That doesn’t make you a failure though, it was their fault for not putting in equal effort and treating you right.

You aren’t fat, stop starving yourself.

You shouldn’t cut, put the knife down.

You don’t have to struggle alone, tell someone.

You aren’t a bother, speak up.

You don’t expect to much, keep your own standards.

I love you, Younger Self. When you grow up, make sure to remember to love yourself as well.