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I’m a 37 year old, a newly single mother of three children between the ages of three and seven. While I do not receive child support, we are finally happy. My ex, their father, has narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

As I am a single parent, I’ve had to rely upon my parents. My children and I decided to move from the city we love to the country where I grew up. We thought it to be the right decision. Of course, I found my dream house out in the country but, thanks to my bad credit, I couldn’t afford to buy it. My father stepped in to help. He signed for my house and he signed for a car for me.

My parents own the business I work for – I’m even allowed to bring my kids to work – it’s pretty awesome. Until it started. Every time I make a decision or do something they don’t like, my parents ride me. My house isn’t clean enough. I’m not home on time. That’s enough to trigger a texting marathon with a million questions from them. Our personal life is now their business.

If I have anyone over to see me or if one of my children says something to that effect, it triggers a million questions. If I don’t feel like playing the game, they assume I’m hiding something bad. If they hear something or even THINK something, instead of coming to me, I get treated like crap – and I have no idea why.

In the past two years, I’ve been treated terribly by them, even though in a twist of fate, I’ve tried harder than I have in my adult years. Things have gotten so bad that my father will say terrible things to me – often things that are true, but from the past – in front of my children. He’ll even go behind my back and say nasty things about me to my children.

My parents have put me through a lot. As of late, I’ve come to the understanding that my father has these preconceived notions about the girl, and the woman he thought I should be, When I fail to live up to these expectations, he becomes irate.

Now I’ve finally woken up and realized that I do have a mind of my own and yes, I can even use it. Now it seems that my kids are being targeted so my parents can “help them be the best they can be” in their eyes, of course. I feel that they have had their chance raising my brother and I.

Now? Now it’s my turn to raise my kids. So we can be happy once again.