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How do you tell someone you love that you were molested by people he trusts with his life?

After 15 years, I finally told my mom I was molested. She believed me, and it felt so good. I felt relieved, but not completely satisfied. Not until I tell my big brother. He’s the one I’m afraid of telling. Why? Because he has a better relationship with them than with me.

I know he loves and cares for me, but I don’t know how far that love goes. He goes to them for everything, instead of me. I’m your sister. You should be able to be there for me and protect me, but somehow I feel that you won’t.

He won’t believe me. He will question me and ask why I didn’t say anything sooner, why I waited so long, why I tolerated their presence (kind of). I want to tell him because he thinks I’m such an asshole for not wanting them around. He thinks I’m being rude, but I can’t tell him.

It hurts to keep this from him, but it’ll hurt more if he doesn’t believe me. I’d rather be considered an asshole than tell him. I want to believe he’d be there for me, support me, protect me, and just tell me loves me.

Please, for once, be my big brother.