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I have self harmed for four years, yet I can think of so many ways to help other people. My counselor and I decided that by sharing my ideas, it might help me by helping others. I will post these in separate posts for the sake of simplicity.

Self Help Idea One: The Shoe Box

The idea for this one is simple. You will build a barricade of things to block you from hurting yourself. The barricade will be strong, and probably hold up against you.

Step One: Find a shoe box. Find two small peices of cloth, big enough to cover the bottom of the box completely. They should not be see through.

Step Two: Gather everything you use to harm yourself. I mean every single razor, every single knife, lighter, needles, paper clips, anything.

Step Three: Put these items at the bottom of the box and cover it up with one of the pieces of cloth.

Step Four: Gather pictures of people that mean a lot to you, and would be hurt if you killed yourself, or knew that you self harm. When you have collected these items, put the second cloth over them.

Step Five: Collect and gather small items that mean a lot to you. Letters from somebody, a small key chain, a charm, jewelery, anything. Put these on top of the cloth.

Step Six: Put the lid of the shoe box on. Tape it shut. Get a pillow case, and put the shoe box in there. Tie it shut, and hide it somewhere. I keep mine under my bed.

Whenever you feel the need to self harm, you will physically have to go through walls to stop you, sit you down, and make you think of what you are going to do. Please remember, I am not a psychologist; only sharing an idea that worked for me. My next idea will be submitted when this one is posted.