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Most mothers struggle with the balance between taking care of their families and taking care of themselves.  What do you do when your own issues start to take over your ability to care for others?  This is one mother’s story:


This is my first post. I found this site while doing a search for Mom’s Mental Health; I am at a low point and need some perspective, some support, something.

I’ve had problems with depression and anxiety since my late teens/early 20’s. Becoming a mom has at least given me a good, unavoidable reason to get out of bed every day. However, when a mother is struggling with her mental health, who can she turn to?

I feel like a woman with mental health issues fears the risk of losing her children if anyone were to really know how bad it is sometimes. How does one know when they’ve crossed the line into not being able to do enough to meet their child’s needs? And to resolve it, do mothers normally turn to their support network to help pick up the slack, until she can get back on her feet, or do she and her kids just go without their needs being met for that time?