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Hi The Band!

I want to apologize for my long radio silence. Things had gotten pretty complicated in my personal life and giving back to The Band was pushed by the wayside. Thankfully, through our stellar volunteers, we were able to keep running on. Until January, when everything went South. We took a much needed powder and dealt with our personal problems.

We’ve been back a few months and the place still looks amazing. Thanks for that, to our readers, our writers, our volunteers, who help in different ways to keep the site running.

That said, we’re not an organization that could survive without the delicate balance of writers, readers, lurkers, volunteers. The Band cannot survive without you, so I wanted to preface what I want to ask you about.

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Haldar Heroes an online space especially reserved for stories of those heroes who have faced severe hardships in life and yet, have gone above and beyond to help those even less fortunate than themselves. Haldar Heroes honours these heroes as being the real idols of our society and commit to featuring stories of such extraordinary people right here on this platform.

Heroes like you.

This one’s for you, The Band. You make it all worth it.

Anyone can slay a dragon. The real heroes are those like each of us who can slay a dragon and awaken the following morning, loving the crazy, wild, (often terrible) world all over again.

And now that you know that you are the true heroes of the site, we are asking for your stories. I’m asking that everyone – absolutely everyone – who reads, uses, and benefits from our site (even lurkers) to leave a comment. It can be one comment, can be ten. Heck, if you want to send it to my personal email, that’s totally fine:

How has The Band helped you?

And please, please share this post around. You deserve to show the world that no matter where you are, who you are, where you live, what you love, you are always The Band’s heroes.

I couldn’t be prouder to know you.

Thank you, The Band, for being my hero.