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Dose Of Happy: It Got Better

I guess my backstory isn’t much different from others’:

Being the nerd outside the group of cool kids in school – but I did have some friends, outsiders like me, and a few regular people.

Married, had children, and divorced (he attacked me once, and I drew the line. I suppose it wasn’t messier than other people’s divorces after all).

Worked too hard at times, and went off sick to recover, came back and at it again.

But lately, it’s mostly good:

I am allowing myself as many naps as I want.

I enjoy my job.

I am involved in a local organization for Jewish culture, etc. (not primarily religious, but it happens).

My son will play his double bass in a concert on Friday, and I’ll go to that.

My daughter will get her bachelor’s in biology, and I will be at the ceremony.

I have a great man in my life, who cooks lovely food, and feeds me and tucks my in when I’m tired.

I have the time and money to travel more than before, and even have a trip lined up.

Sure, there are some clouds now and then, but it really got better.

Life is worth living, and enjoying, and it can get better for everyone I think.