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Why do I answer the phone?

I know it is going to hurt. I know he is going to put me down. And yet, I cannot stop myself.

I never thought I would be one of THOSE GIRLS. The girl who keeps putting herself in harm’s way over and over again. It’s like stepping in front of a bus, every day, for the rest of your life. I mean, who does that? But it is like I am COMPELLED to do it.

I start each day by telling myself that this will be the day that I have no contact with him. And then he calls or texts or emails or messages until I just can’t stand it any longer and I finally respond. He is all nice and sweet to me, saying how everything is fine, it’s all good. That if only I would be nicer to him, if only I would not USE him all the time or disrespect him so much, then everything could be great. He tells me how abusive it is of me to hang up on him and how unfair it is that I don’t want any contact with him.

Why don’t I want contact with him?  This is what I hear: “You must be screwing someone else. Is that it? You’re whoring around town like the fat fucking whore that you are? Right, you fat fucking bitch? You ungrateful, greedy, selfish, fat, fucking whoring bitch. All you care about is money, yourself and dick!“  (I would never have cheated on him.  Ever.)

This is where I hang up. I usually try to hang up sooner, but it always gets thrown in, sooner or later.  I refuse to take his calls.

Then the threats start.I am going to ruin you, bitch. I will hit you where it hurts the most and you will have nothing left. Everyone knows you used me. Everyone knows you OWE me! They all hate you. Everyone hates you. They tell me I should get rid of you, but I keep telling them that I love you and I know there is a good person in there somewhere. Why do you have to be such a fucking fat whore bitch? You weren’t this fat when I met you…what the fuck happened? Suck too much cock?

Over and over and over again.  How much can one person take?  How many times can a person be told how horrible she is before she believes it? AND IT MAKES SENSE TO ME when he says it! THAT is the sick part! I DO freaking believe him!

Then he goes just long enough to make me think that maybe THIS time it will be okay. He has been nicer, not cussing me out as much, telling me how much he loves me and that he can’t live without me.  Maybe he IS the only one who will ever want me. Do I want to throw this all away just because he has a dirty mouth? What if he is RIGHT?  What if it IS all my fault?   God knows I am not easy to get along with. Ask my Mom, ask anyone! I have issues. So what if it IS me?  It probably is me.

But do I deserve to be kicked out of the car on the side of the road or in the woods, because I asked politely that he refrain from smoking so much in my presence?

Do I deserve to be woken up from a sound sleep with him screaming in my face because I “disrespected” him somehow while I was sleeping?

Do I deserve to be ridiculed in public to the point of all out bawling and then be told to shut the fuck up or I will get the shit beat out of me?

No, I did not think so either.

I found the courage to sever the ties.  I left.  And just when I found my own footing again, when I knew that I could stay away from him, he started coming at me sideways.  He started emailing my family and friends.  Telling them embarrassing things that I told him in confidence – my deepest, darkest secrets.  The things that you are supposed to be able to share with your husband in the dark when you need comfort. Things you never wanted anyone to know you lived through or that you made a bad decision about. And then it is all laid out for everyone to see.  He says he will continue unless I open those lines of communication back up. Let him back into my life.  Then it will stop.  It is such a vicious cycle.

Oh god. Most days I just stare straight ahead and wonder how the fuck am I supposed to get through this. I have burned so many bridges just trying to scramble to the surface and I am so tired of fighting. I know there is a problem but I don’t know how to deal with it. He promises that he will ruin me.  Financially, emotionally, my reputation and so on. And I can’t stop him.

But I want to. I want to know the answer. I crave it. But just saying “stay away” – that is not the answer.  It only gets worse.  So what is the answer?

You tell me.

I GOT out.  I AM staying away.  So how does it stop?  When will the abuse stop?

(author’s note:  I have been separated from my husband for 6 months now.  My divorce was final on October 4th.  I finally have my life back.  I wrote this when I was newly separated and could never show it to anyone.  No one knew the entire extent of what I was going through, but I am learning to open up and get it out and am getting past it.  Thank you for letting me share.)