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Oh my gosh, why?

Why do I feel like this when I shouldn’t?

Why do I feel like I need to be with him?

Why do I feel like he should be here with his arms around me, holding me tight, saying he loves me, while standing outside under an icicle tree, just looking at the sky, saying that one day I’ll be his forever?

Am I different then before?

Did I change?

Was he just using me?

Was I just one of his back-up plans?

Plan B?

2nd choice?

Do I deserve to be a back-up plan?

Am I not good enough?

Did he mean it?

Was it real?

Was it just a dream?

Is he doing this to me on purpose?

Why me?

Does it mean something?

Did it mean something?

Am I missing him, or the feelings I felt?

Was it a spark?

Is it just me?

Is there a reason I feel like this?

Did the kiss mean something to him?

Did he feel like I felt?

Did he feel the spark that I felt?

Does he remember?

Will it happen again?

Should he know how I feel?

Will we kiss again?

Does he want to?

Is he going to?

Will I let him?

Will Maddie find out?

Will she be mad?

Will I lose my best friend?

Will she forgive me?