a woman i used to work with emailed me this week.  i read it yesterday and it absolutely made my day, which – i might add – was spectacularly craptastic until I got the email.

“i started working at magic kingdom back in 1997 and only partially knew who you were. you were always cool to me at town square and spectromagic and stuff, but we were only acquaintances. i happened upon your page through mikki and started reading your blog, “bits of myself,” and i cannot help being taken by how fucking amazing you are.  sorry for the language from someone you do not know, but i can’t think of any other words.  i don’t even remember where i started the “bits,” but i backed up to where you found out you had cancer.  by the time i got to your final breastfeeding with nugget, there were uncontrollable tears streaming down my face at how you kept apologizing to her, for something that you did not ask for.i don’t know how much all of this means coming from someone you don’t know, but i just had to get this out.  i was driving day parade floats when you were at magic kingdom with your baby girl, and i saw you two days in a row.  knowing how painful it must be, there you stood in the sun, in a tank top, bald… smiling and waving.

i hope i didn’t weird you out with all this, but know that you have touched one more individual’s life.  you are the strongest woman that i don’t know.”

i just needed to thank you for that and let you know that your kind words have touched my heart.

thank you for reading my blog.

and thank you to all of you who continue to do so.

i hope you’ll all stay tuned for the exciting conclusion to this chapter of my life.