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My ex husband killed himself two months ago, and I’m not coping.

He has left behind a four year old daughter, and as we are still married, I am his next of kin.

I left him 18 months ago, he seemed happy and he seemed to get on with his life.

Since leaving him, I have been dating someone new.

I found my ex hanging from his loft. Since then, he is almost all I can think about.

My partner has been great, amazing, incredible, but I really cannot shake a feeling of guilt, and sadness, wondering why he did it, and how if I hadn’t left him, he would still be alive.

It’s breaking my heart, and it’s breaking my soul. Every time I feel strong again, the slightest thing sends me right back to square one. I saw him hours before he died. Why didn’t I notice any signs or see anything wrong? He seemed happy and normal and himself.

I am so cross with him. How could he do this to our baby? How could he not see that she adores him and hangs off his every word?

He will never know how many regrets I have. He will never know he is so missed. I don’t know how to rebuild my life, as a 20-something widow, single mum of a grieving four year old.