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I have spent the majority of my life feeling like a living, breathing, science project. I remember spending a good portion of my childhood in the hospital.

My asthma is further compounded by a congenital defect in my bronchial tubes referred to as ‘pig bronchus.” My life-threatening allergic reactions; seriously who the f*ck is allergic to tomatoes of all things? Tomatoes by the way, are in almost EVERYTHING. Or my surgeries, of which I’ve had one surgery per year.

The endometriosis, which I was told in high school I may not be able to have children. The endometriosis is probably why my periods are two weeks long.

Or other random shit that happens to me.

I almost died on three separate occasions – twice coded as an infant before the doctors discovered one of two major congenital birth defects. That one was an anominant artery – my aorta was crossed over my trachea – and once after surgery when I was eleven and Nurse Dumbass gave me too much morphine and put me into respiratory arrest.

Every time it seems like I’m coming out on top, something inevitably drags me back down, reminding me: ‘hey @$$hole, let’s not forget that you’re the bubble girl.’

As hard as it is, though, I’ve decided that no one is allowed to feel bad for me. I’ve had almost thirty years of that, and it really doesn’t accomplish much. I’ve decided that when life pushes me, I’m going to push the f*ck back, because I’m no one’s bitch.

Here from my aforementioned blog is a little gem I call “On The Contrary” written by moi.

Two congenital birth defects

They said ‘She won’t’


Life threatening allergy & exercise induced asthma

They said ‘Never’

I finished two 5K races

19 surgeries in 28 years

Won’t slow me down

Diagnosed with Endometriosis in high school

I was told ‘Unlikely’

Their names are Michael Julien and Mýa Renée

Years of unhealthy and abusive relationships

I was blessed with him

14 years of unhealthy eating, skewed body image and relentless self doubt

I got focused

Three cancer scares

I’m still here

They told me that ‘you won’t’

I said ‘I will’

They told me ‘you can’t’