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Dear Jealous Person Who I Trusted To Be My Friend,

I have had to call in sick from work for the last two days because I have been feeling dizzy. My anxiety tricks my body like this, especially when I have been obsessing over how I have to defend myself to you. I realize I can’t, and am grateful that I did not let you get too close to my true friends, as I might have lost them as well. I am trying to see the positive, and I am grateful that spending more time at the gym means I have some new friends.

I used to feel guilty for falling for someone younger than me, but am grateful I asked him out. At least I could mend my broken heart. I have been out of your clutches for six months, and as I go over the friendship in my head, I realize the jealousy was there from Day 1.

I wonder what comments you made that triggered the end to my place in our group of friends. I now see how you manipulated people and put them down. I sometimes think I am crazy, but as I look back on the friendship we had, I hear the criticisms you made. I see how many times when I was happy you chose that moment to decide you wanted to go home, making me leave with you. I left at the same time as you because I was your friend, but now as I look back, I realize you couldn’t handle it when I was getting more attention than you were.

My headache is already disappearing and I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders as I write this.

Part of me wishes that our mutual friends believed me, but you have done your manipulating too well and have played the victim. I wish you well, but not at my expense. I am relieved to have escaped your clutches and can see my life is changing, and I am moving on. Part of me wishes you could see me now and how I have progressed, but that means I am still seeking your approval. I no longer need to do that. I am writing this, hopefully, as a final closure. Good luck in your future, and I hope the next pretty girl who crosses your path is treated more kindly than I was.

Your Former Friend