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Power. What is power?

The dictionary says power is the ability to do something or act in a particular way.

To me power means to overtake or have control.

Power is a tricky thing, it’s like a drug coursing through your veins making you feel alive.


Too much of it can hurt.

Eventually, you become addicted,

And can’t stop the cravings you feel to use it once more.

Once more.

Always once more.

You can never get enough.

You can feel yourself slipping away and power over taken your body,

As you utter two words that will show your power over another,

You don’t want to.

But at the same time,

You can’t stop yourself.


Two simple words can scar forever.

Two simple words can hurt the most.

And as I look in the mirror,

All I hear in my head are those two words.

Running through my brain,

Taunting me.

As I look away with tears in my eyes,

All I know is that those two words that may not so innocently have slipped from your mouth, Now have complete power over me.


I can never regain that control again.

They have taken away something that can’t be taken back.

They have shredded any part of me that had power.

They have completely and utterly taken away the most important thing,

The one thing that I will never get back,

The power over myself.