You beat me mercilessly and I learned to be gentle with my own kids.

You said hateful things to me and I learned to weigh the consequences of my words carefully.

You sexually abused me and I learned that I could survive pure evil.

You were a raging alcoholic and I learned to watch my alcohol consumption, lest I become you.

You thought only of yourself and I learned to think of others.

You were angry and cruel and I learned that being kind is worth the effort it sometimes take.

You were a judgemental bigot and I learned to be accepting.

You were a horrible parent and I learned what kind of parent I never wanted to be.

You were a horrible husband and I learned to look for a loving heart before appearance, wealth or status.

You always found someone else to blame for your problems and I learned to accept responsibility for my actions.

You would jump to conclusions and accuse and I learned to listen.

You preyed on the weak and I learned to fight for the underdog.

You lied and cheated to get what you wanted and I learned to be honest and trustworthy.

You told me I was worthless and I learned to find my worth from within.

You tried to break me and I learned I have a strength I never knew was possible.

You showed me who you were and I learned exactly what I did NOT want to be.

You tried to kill my spirit and, in the end, all I had learned, set my spirit free.